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LACHINSEIR Destination Management Company is one of the most well-known travel agencies as an investor, GSA of various airlines, outbound tour operator and supplier of hotel rooms across the world. We work on huge amounts of travellers to over 30 different destinations throughout the year and hence we succeeded to achieve amazing experience beside a good name among travel agencies. So, we decided to open our inbound department as well, to facilitate our guests’ visits from other countries. This happened due to receiving requests from our international partners who have already been familiar with our high quality services.

Now we honor our professional staffs who work with us in Iran and other countries. We constantly update our knowledge and consider our experience in every steps of our work in order to be the best host to tourist who would like to taste Iran.

LACHINSEIR welcomes any request … holiday or business tourism which are known as two departments: IRANPASSENGERS and IRANMICER.

These departments opened when THE 17th WORLD FEDERATION OF TOURIST GUIDE FEDERATION CONVENTION 2017, was holding here in Iran and we had the honor to be introduced there in presence of President Rouhani , the UNWTO Secretary General , Mr. Talib Alrefahi and Ms. Felicitas Wressnig the President of World Federation of Tourist guide Federation.